Go, Go, Go!

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The amazing Astro Boy...

or Mighty Atom as they call him in Japan. The show is one of my childhood favourites and am concerned to hear about the butchering/CGI remake whatever they want to call it (I'm a bit of a purist). But I digress...

Love this vintage tin gun from the 60s. It's super deluxe!

Find more pics of it on ebay.

If you're not familiar with Astro Boy, it was a Japanese animation first broadcast in the 1960s about a robot boy living in a futuristic world where robots co-exist with humans. He even goes to school... when he's not saving the world, that is.

A video of the original Astro Boy theme (in English).


  1. I don't really remember Astro Boy, but enjoyed the video. My littlest one wanted to watch it over and over!

  2. Somehow, I missed 'Astro Boy' entirely while I was growing up. I have since known about him because of my video-gaming (I think I have one of the Nintendo Game Boy games), but had never seen examples of the old b/w animated series... until now!
    That video clip is neat, especially with the kids singing the theme song! There must be a DVD collection available somewhere, right? And if not now, then most assuredly once the iminent BIG screen version is released... ANY way that Hollywood can ca$h in! I will have to investigate. Cool tin (ray?) gun, too!