My Vintage Finds

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Unfortunately it was a very slow day at the car boot sales and charity shops today. But at least it gave me time to photograph and blog about my finds from last weekend.

I love, Love, LOVE this cruet set and adore the gorgeous design on the salt and pepper shakers. It also has a cool swirly indentation on all the pieces, including the bottom 'plate'. It is marked with the number 2827 but no name so I'm still trying to find out more about it. Any ideas?

If you follow me on twitter, you may have heard me declare that I had also fallen in love with some little pyrex cups. They are ADORABLE. A little research and I found out they are referred to as 'custard cups'. The lady I bought them from (at an absolute BARGAIN, I must say) suggested using them for mini souffles. Now I love that idea but in reality I can't see it happening. What else can I use them for, I wonder?

My last find is this tin egg. I don't think it was made in 1894 but think it may commemorate a 50th anniversary or something. I'm not really sure though, because it's in EXTREMELY good condition. The seller told me it was her sister's and at least 50 years old but regardless, I thought it was lovely. It has a fantastic pattern inside as well.

I'm off to a large car boot sale tomorrow and hope to come home laden with treasures. Stay posted.


  1. Ok, first of all - I completely covet those custard cups! I've gotten a bit fascinated with Pyrex myself, and those colors are so pretty! I have little cups, I think they are about the same size, and I use them all the time for salsa, guacamole, bits of salad toppings for people to choose from (cheese, almonds, etc) and my fave - ice cream! I find that a full (tiny) bowl doesn't make you feel as deprived as 2 sad scoops in a big cereal bowl!

    Love your other finds, too. Wish I had some info on either, but sadly, I don't. Can't wait to see the next batch!

  2. Just WHAT is a cruet set, anyway? Somehow, I've never known. Probably 'cause I've never asked before! And I've certainly never owned one. Salt & Pepper shakers, yes, of course... But what is the "cruet" part in the equation?
    Pardon my ignorance.
    Love the colors of those itty-bitty Pyrex bowls!

  3. Isn't a cruet set for oil and vinegar? That's what I thought...obviously, I've never owned one either!

  4. Don't feel too ignorant - I didn't know myself until I found my funky red 1969 cruet set in March this year. (See post for pictures)

    I was told the extra was for mustard but I suppose you could put any condiment in there really. The little spoon would suit mustard though I suppose (I don't really eat it myself).