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Have had a busy day today.

Yesterday, we bought new furniture and put it together. Today we practically rearranged the whole flat to incorporate the new pieces and get rid of other stuff.

Not stopping there, I've also finished two etsy/misi shop designs. I've only put one in the shops so far and will put the other one up for sale tomorrow.

The first is one I've already shown on this blog (Flora style) but I'd forgot to complete the package and list it in the shop.

The second is a new one that just felt right to me. I really enjoyed making it and affectionately call it 'Blobs'. Click on the image to see the packages in my shop. Blobs will be up tomorrow.

UPDATE: The 'Blobs' package is now in my etsy shop!


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  2. Cool! The 'Blobs' design reminds me of a certain link-button that I've seen... :D
    Btw, I've been playing around with some different images that I might use to make a new button. It's nothing personal, honest! I love the one you made! I just had a few ideas "pop" into my head and wanted to incorporate them somehow. So, IF I change it, you'll know why.

  3. Love 'em!

    Speaking of your new furniture...why have we never seen any pix of your flat? If you just rearranged, now would be a good time!

    And I hope your husband's been busy on a certain commissioned artwork! ;)

  4. Hey, am I to understand that Tikimama commissioned a special painting from your husband? What is it? Something "tiki" related, no doubt! Color me curious...

  5. Tikimama - Your painting is now finished! Did wonder if I should post some pics of the flat but it is soooo small - nowhere near as grand as your yankee swankee pads! :P Watch this space...

    Anthony - How'd you guess? Tikimama commissioned a painting very similar to 'United Front' seen in my shop.

  6. Yankee swankee! Hee hee, I love that!

    I'm actually quite fascinated by small-space living, and though I don't think I could ever do it now, I love to see what others do.