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Whilst looking through some old photos (again), I thought how a lot could fit in very nicely with this blog. So I've decided to share some of these pictures from time to time, particularly those with a mid century feel, in a feature I am calling 'Vintage Click'.

My first offering today is one I have dubbed 'Bathing Beauties'. It features my mother and her siblings in the 60s, 'swimming' in their pool. Apparently, the kids were asked one day if they would like a pool. Of course they did! They were then given shovels and told they had to dig the hole themselves!

There's not too much on show for mid-century style research in this one, but dig those bathing suit patterns!

If you would like to share one of your own pictures on 'Vintage Click', please email me.


  1. Sounds like good old-fashioned parenting to me! Which one is your mom?

  2. That's an odd looking swimming pool... and quite shallow! I hope that there wasn't any diving going on!
    Those ARE some great patterns on their suits. I dig a lot about the 60s! Can't wait to see more.

  3. My mum is the first girl laying down, next to my crouching aunt (who will be visiting me on Friday - she's more vertical now) and my baby uncle.

    Anthony - I know! I thought it was a regular size pool when I heard the story but I suppose when you dig pools yourself you give up easily :D

  4. Beautiful picture ! I'll see what I can get to send you. Great idea !

  5. Love that Pic hope you warned your Mum lol :)cant believe they had to dig it but I guess that made it more fun! and kept them busy.

  6. Love the picture! Everyone looks so happy, especially the baby. Great stuff. Those suits are pure early sixties! -- Mykal

  7. Thanks for commenting Rad/Mykal - glad to see you on board :)

    My aunt tells me they also made them dig another larger pool in the next place. You would've thought they'd learned... :D