Today's Style Yesterday?

22:46:00 MoonDoggie 5 Comments

Had to show everyone this incredible hi-fi sphere.

flickr via Dark Roasted Blend

This image was from a book published in 1962 with predictions of life for 1975.

More pictures from "1975: And The Changes to Come" by Arnold B. Barach can be seen on Derek Bostrom's flickr.

I also found this 1968 magazine article which predicts what life will be like in 2008. So close, yet so far...

modern mechanix via [lab]oratory

To read the entire article, click on the picture.


  1. Hi Moondoggie! Cool blog! I saw DeerPathVintage's mention of it on VintageVillage and had to check it out. Great job! I'll enjoy following you! Smoochies!

  2. Hi there Mister! Thanks for following - hope to hear more from you :D

  3. I love hearing about old predictions of "the future" and seeing corresponding artistic visions. In fact, I have a few books that are chock full of such things!
    That hi-fi sphere is trippy! Are those speakers on the ends of what look like T.V. antennae? Strange!

  4. That is the coolest, spaciest, most fabulous stereo I've ever seen. Can you imagine having that in your living room? You'd be the envy (or the recipient of pity, depending) of everyone who walked in your door!

  5. It looks like the the stereo is what really draws us all. That thing is Cool! I'd like to have it my living room. Hey Tikimama, buy it for me will you?