Fancy A Cheap Shag?

20:44:00 MoonDoggie 5 Comments

Retro To Go informs me that there are two new Shag prints on the market (Tiki and Zombie). They are glorious, of course, but at $110 a pop I'll have to hold myself back.

In honour of this event, I have decided to blog about some of the other more affordable Shag items on the market.

Lunchbox for only $14.95 but sadly out of stock on the Shagmart site (although probably available elsewhere).

Salt and Pepper shakers - $15.95 at Tiki Farm.

Stickers $3.00 each - many more styles available on Shagmart.

And finally stationery - $4.00 at Shagmart (other styles also available).

EDIT: Couldn't resist so treated myself to the lunch box! I found a UK stockist at Tokyo Toy Store - £9.95. Apparently there's only 2 left now...


  1. the lunchbox going to be a purse?! Good for you for treating yourself, and for spreading Shag-i-ness around the globe!

    I got the email about the new prints too, and was quite excited until I saw the price. Egad. I have some of the stationery that I bought years ago and have never been able to bring myself to use - maybe I'll write you a good ole-fashioned letter!

  2. BTW, one of your newer follower, The Goodwill Goddess, may be my doppelganger. *smiles and waves* Hi Goddess!

  3. These are all kinds of neat-O! It's funny too because I was just thinking about Shag and his counter parts as I wrote my new blog. I hope you like it.

    You use too many big words. I had to ask my live in dictionary what Doppleganger ment. Gosh! Speak were we normal artists can understand.

  4. Ha ha! I thought the same thing. I actually thought for a while there that you'd 'followed' me again under a different name! :)

    Hi Goodwill Goddess and all my other lovely followers! :D

  5. Shag is such a cool cat! I think that he MUST be reincarnated or came to our era in a time-machine...
    I bet Tikimama would love to have the Salt & Pepper shakers!