Blackpool At Sunset

22:22:00 MoonDoggie 3 Comments

I am so proud and let's face it, quite jealous of my husband's artistic talent.

I want to share a painting he completed recently for his nan. Dave loves his nan and has fond memories of when she would take him and his brother to Blackpool. So when she asked him for a painting, he decided to paint a picture of Blackpool for her. Being quite a way from the real thing, he found a picture on the internet...

(I have been unable to find the photographer of this gorgeous view-
please let me know if this photo is yours.)

Then he painted it.

I wish I could do this. Sigh.


  1. You and me both! But then, of course, I wouldn't have to *buy* his paintings, and you'd be out a customer! Ha ha ha!

    That's a beautiful scene, and I bet his nan just loves it!

  2. If you keep putting such refined art as that on your site, I,m gonna feel out of place. Then I'll have to find a more suitable blog to frequent. JK :)! I really like it.

  3. Quite impressive! I, too, wish that I could paint. Well, I COULD paint... a wall, that is!