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My parents' wedding photograph - 1972.

I like the contrast between my maternal grandmother's bold, eyecatching pattern and my paternal grandmother's classy, conservative look - very indicative of their personalities. I think both my grandfathers look rather swish here.

I was quite young when my paternal grandfather died and have always thought he looked a bit like Walt Disney in photographs. What do you think?

I'm pretty sure from conversations I've had that my mother wasn't overly enamoured with her dress and the veil certainly looks a bit unwieldy! But they both look so young and fresh. It's hard to believe my father ever looked that young! I have another great photograph of my parents before they married which I'm sure you'll see here soon...


  1. By "swish", you mean fashionable, right? I doubt you'd be saying that your grandfathers look gay! That word always sounds like it should be a gay term...
    Anyway, great old shot! And, yes, I think your paternal grandfather looks like Walt, minus the mustache, of course!
    That's a pretty glitzy top your maternal grandmother has on! Sorta looks like there's an Asian flair going on with it. Like you said, VERY different than the other grandmother.
    These 'Vintage Click's are fun... keep 'em comin'!

  2. Do people use the word 'swish' to mean gay? Or is that just you? :)
    I use it in the swanky, smooth sense of the word (which now also sounds a bit gay, lol).
    I really like this pic. My family members look suitably awkward in it.

  3. Hey, what happened to my comment?! I posted one the other day, and it's not here...weird.

    I wondered the same thing about "swish" - I thought I'd heard Brits use it in the "gay" sense, but maybe it's just Americans (Anthony's not the only one!).

    I said, too, that Grandpa looked like Walt, and that your Grandma's looks were so different! Did they get along well? Their personalities could be quite different, based on what we see of their fashion sense!

  4. Didn't realise the word 'swish' had gay connotations for so many people.
    Hard for me to comment on the grandmothers as they're both still alive but I don't think there was much of a 'connection', if you know what I mean? ;)