Not So Swinging Carnaby

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Well, my dear bloggers, I went to 'Swinging Carnaby' on Sunday but unfortunately it was not as 'swinging' as I had expected. Initial hopes were high as we rounded the corner and encountered rows of scooters and Union Jack bunting.

As we walked on, however, I noticed that was about all there was except for a stage where the band was being set up. I didn't realise that most of the shops didn't open til 12 so it was a bit dead. We went into a fabulous vintage store called 'Circus' where I was very proud to be able to recognise some staffordshire pottery pieces by their design. Next door was a small vintage clothing store and there were various other retro styled clothing shops in the area.

We had overheard that things would kick off at 1pm. A group of girls, who seemed to be from some kind of dance club, did a short dance using some 60s moves. They looked great in their vintage dresses, white boots and false eyelashes.

After this I expected the band to play as they were all on stage watching but alas they just disappeared 'backstage' again and the girls dispersed. I'm not sure if they performed again later. After much more instrument checking nothing appeared to be happening so we checked out some more shops and sights of Carnaby Street.

We had been told the band would play at 1:30 but by 2:00 we had had enough of waiting and left to go to the Hard Rock Cafe. The one on Park Lane is the original and it just so happens that they were celebrating their 38th birthday. All the staff were dressed up in '70s' gear and we had a chat with the manager about the history of the place - interesting indeed. A few cocktails later, I rolled out of there and into Green Park across the road. Some more pics...

Displayed in the Hard Rock Cafe -

'Love Me Tender Moisturizing Milk Bath'

A cool building on Park Lane

My view of Buckingham Palace from Green Park

Police cadets on parade (I think)
So, despite my Carnaby disappointment, we ended up having a lovely day.


  1. Well, it looks like you at least caught a snap shot of the back of Austin Powers in his purple pants, strolling along with a groovy chick! And THAT'S something, right?

    Sorry it was mostly a bust, though. Things like this rarely live up to our expectations...

  2. MoonDoggie Darlin',

    Although it didn't measure up to your expectations, I so appreciate you sharing the experience through words and pictures! I've always wanted to go to Carnaby Street, really would love to see much of England, including the Yorkshire Dales I've enjoyed reading so much about via one of my fav authors, James Herriot!

    You're blessed to live in such a historical land!:)

    Thank you!~

  3. Sorry to hear it wasn't what you thought it would be. Let me guess, the scooters where in front of Ben Sherman, Lonsdale, or Jump the Gun right? I just say that because they usually try and get some of the local scoot/mod clubs to show up. I miss restoring Vespas. Ahhh... but alas life go's on with out scooters (at least in my case). So Sad! :(

  4. Ben Sherman is there (quite prominently) but the other stores you mention seem to have moved on.
    The scooters were up most of the street - I had a feeling the 'event' organisers arranged for them rather than the shops.
    There were supposed to be 60s makeover things going on too but I saw none of that - I was gonna get my eyes done 60s style as promised but maybe that was only on Saturday.

  5. I don't think we would ever have known you were disappointed by your photos! Looks like you had a fun time shopping and snapping pix. I don't suppose you bought that tiki's fab! Love your nail polish, by the way! It's too bad that the event was not so well organized, sounds like it coulda been swingin!

  6. That's what annoyed me - it could've been so much more. That and we spent £42 on train fares alone!
    Tiki things weren't up for sale - I suppose I could've asked but I assumed if they were they'd be overpriced like everything else :)

    Re the nail polish - thanks! I don't really do pink nails.