Etsy Shop Feature - Atomic Lodge

21:50:00 MoonDoggie 8 Comments

I've just come across an etsy shop tonight with some wonderful mid century style art. Atomic Lodge is an etsy shop run by husband and wife team SuZanna Anna and Mykl Stanley. The shapes and colours are very pleasing to the eye.

They say their house is called 'Atomic Lodge' "because its a really funky mid century home which is modern but rustic at the same time". If their house is the one featured in these pictures, I am insanely jealous.

Check them out - you'll be pleased that you did. :)


  1. The woodwork in that first photo is just awesome! Thanks for sharing this shop!! :-D

  2. I see you found Suzanna-Anna. I was wondering how long it would take before she came up on one of the post from us. When I started doing my sculptures, she was the only one I could find that had a conceptual idea of what I was doing and envisioning. I just wish she updated her sites more frequently.

  3. Jem, I was almost going to send you a message about how similar your wood sculpture styles are - funny you'd already found them :)

    Btw, the artist tells me the house in the photographs actually belongs to their friend. I'm still jealous.

  4. Fantastic! Heading over there now :)

  5. I LOVE SuzannaAnna! I've got several of those prints (purchased on etsy when they were on sale)! I've just got to get them matted and framed. Thanks for the reminder! ;)

    She used to make gravel art kits, which is how I'd found her. But, alas, no more kits. I want to make a couple of groovy gravel art pics for my walls...picture turquoise gravel against my ORANGE-ORANGE living room walls. Heaven or aaackk??! :)

    Thanks for blogging about her. I hope she sees it!

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