Party Of Colour

08:56:00 MoonDoggie 6 Comments

I've been spending a lot of time over at Etsy lately and while doing my regular vintage trawl, I came across this fabulous 'cocktail party wheel':

It's so much fun just to look at it. Imagine going to a party and selecting your snacks from that! You can find this groovy thing at moonula's Etsy shop. But I'd hurry up if I were you - I may just cave in and buy it!

Staying on the party theme, I've also had to resist buying these colourful aluminium bowls from birdie1's Etsy shop:

Just the kind of thing I'd love to see at a party - oh, so festive! :)


  1. Oh!
    It's like a little ferris wheel for food! I've never seen anything like it... I'd be VERY tempted if I actually "entertained".

    That thing is going to make some lucky host/hostess quite the talk-of-the-town!

    And those bowls are definitely festive. I really like metalic colors!

  2. I'm not into vintage as a rule - but that wheel is really just too cute. You should get it!!

  3. I love those aluminum bowls...wouldn't they jazz up a table.

  4. Love those! Thanks for the links to the shops!

  5. Oh, I wish I had been the lucky buyer of this item! It is just toooooo grooooovy!