Ebbo's Tiki Art Treasured

16:24:00 MoonDoggie 1 Comments

'Anger', Ebbo's new tiki painting has been featured in an Etsy Treasury!
I'd be angry too if I was on fire. :)

I meant to blog about it before now as I had shown you a teaser a few weeks ago.

The title of the treasury is "As I Sink into the Depths {of madness...}", and can be viewed here.

I am so pleased to be in another, so soon after our first treasury appearance (a couple of days ago). Thankyou very much to TheFamiLeeJewels for including us.

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  1. The color is amazing!
    The flames are great!
    It totally conveys ANGER, too.

    I'm especially liking the hot, floating embers! What wonderful attention to detail...