Vintage Click - Happy Father's Day!

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In honour of Father's Day, I submit two vintage photographs for your viewing pleasure.

Although it is not Father's Day where my dad lives in Australia, it IS here in England and I'm probably likely to forget about it in September. So for my first appearance in this blog, here is my father with ME!

I remember the day this was taken.
Somewhere behind where we are sitting in this photograph, was a large trampoline. I had queued for what seemed like an eternity to have a go (in reality, probably a minute or two), when I recall some bully girl tried to intimidate me into getting off. I think I stood (or bounced) my ground but it is also just as likely that I ran off crying.

The second photo is of Ebbo with his father. They look like they're having a very meaningful conversation but Dave can't remember anything about it. It looks adorable though.

Happy Father's Day to all dads out there!

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  1. Ahh so cute yr dad looks like Eddie(or other way around)and Ebbo is looking more like his dad in old age lol :)bet you stood yr ground although you do look like butter would'nt melt :)