Buy This, Please

07:28:00 MoonDoggie 2 Comments

My new twitter buddy AtomicIndy retweeted about this: Architect Frank Shell's personal mid century modern home is up for sale. Hopefully someone who loves mid century style will snatch up this home in Portland and protect it from the 'renovation wolves'.

Original tweeter, MarisaPDX posted photos of the interior here but I also managed to find some photos with some furniture here. It's been a bit more difficult than I would have thought to find clear shots of the exterior, the best being the one on the left.
Dig this outdoor fireplace!

Not forgetting this indoor one - beautiful!

Someone save it!


  1. The asking price seems like a steal! But then, it may as well be millions because it's still out of my league. All I can afford to do currently, is rent. :(

    Could be a real showpiece if the right person got a hold of it and did a bit of renovation! I like the very Eichler-esque elements of the design. I'm sure that Tikimama (Lisa) will know what I'm talking about...

    Keep on dreaming on, MoonDoggie.

  2. It is a pretty amazing house, the exterior was hard to capture due to it being so wooded. The interior needs work and it has been vacant for a little while, almost every step we took was into a large spider web eeeeek! I hope that the next person preserves as much as possible.