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Today's been quite rough. I don't want to dwell upon it so won't go into details, but thought it would be a good opportunity to mention Valentina Ramos. Valentino is a talented artist with an amazing ornate and detailed style which really impress me. She creates pieces which often include inspirational messages. Since I've been looking for some inspiration to lift me out of the doldrums, I turned to her blog, 'Feeling Inspired'.

I think the first piece is the most fitting for me at the moment.

If you like what you see, please visit her blog or etsy shop, Valentina Design.


  1. :-/ I'm sorry to hear about your bad day! Hopefully, tomorrow will be much better for you. And thank you for sharing this artist! I particularly love that first picture. :-)

    Feel better!!

  2. Sorry to hear it's been one of THOSE days...

    My intent is not to make light of your current situation, whatever it may be, but I think that a good mantra for times like this is, "This, too, shall pass." Tomorrow is another day, and the one after that, and so on... Try not to take whatever's happening right now, too terribly hard. Things WILL get better. :)

  3. Oohhh I *TOTALLY* understand you!... and it’s true things always get better.
    Thanks you do much for sharing my work with your readers!

  4. M.D. Sorry you had a bad day, but, I am glad you found some good art to inspire you. This is good stuff.

  5. Thanks for all your kind words.
    It has definitely been a better day today.
    This, too, DID pass. ;)
    I also always try to remember that in the scheme of things what I'm going through is nothing. But sometimes I just need to wallow a bit.