Plant It

07:36:00 MoonDoggie 6 Comments

Oh me, oh my! I've found my new lust object. Retro bullet planters from Hip Haven.

These would look brilliant in a modern home (especially MY home) and I want some now!

The stands come in three sizes - tall 30", medium 23" and short 16" - and you could use them as much more than plant pots.

How about an alternative storage solution? Throw the kids toys in, some dirty clothes, your chocolate stash... hmmm, some kind of lid would be great, methinks.

You can find the selection of colours here but these are my personal favourites.

Unfortunately, I can't seem to find a stockist in the UK (let alone the money), so it will remain a dream, at least for the time being. But they will be mine... oh yes... they will be mine.


  1. I've been trying for days to let you know that I like these too. Just couldn't get enough band width to post my comment.

  2. They are fantastic! Anything in them would stop looking a mess! I'd probably fill them with bits of fabric and wool!

  3. These are wonderful! LOVE the design!

  4. These are really cool, they are so expensive though, hope I run into one at an estate sale someday.

  5. I'm the maker of this product and I travel to the UK every summer. I am contemplating shipping some over so that I can then send out to individual customers during my next visit. If you are interested, email me at hip Thanks! -Kelley