Summer Loving

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I attended my first boot sale as a seller today. Did quite well considering I was selling random bits I've had cluttering my garage for a while and would have otherwise thrown out. Unfortunately, I have got a bit of a nasty sunburn as England is amid its "heatwave". Laughable really, considering the climates of other countries. Nevertheless, the sun got me good!
[image source: Ward-O-Matic]

After a quick nap at home, I went to a friend's house (my bootsale buddy), for a barbecue and have not long been home. I wanted to share one of the lovely passion flowers growing over the fence from their neighbour's garden.

Thought I would also share this brilliang painting Ebbo has painted of Pulteney Bridge in Bath recently.

[source unknown - apologies]

I have a busy week ahead and will post where and when I can. Stay tuned.


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  2. I'm glad you had a good time! (see... I put a exclamation point even. That shows how happy I am for you.)

  3. Yay for a profitable day! It's always nice to "simplify" and tidy up the garage at the same time. We manage to dig up enough extraneous stuff to have a yard sale once a year. I adore passion flowers. They are actually native to my area, though rare to see growing wild. Lovely painting!

  4. Ah, it always feels so good to get rid of some "stuff" we no longer use.
    Incredible flower and beautiful painting!

  5. Wow the passion flower looks great,as doe's the paintng brill :) hope you enjoyed the boot sale (apart from the sun burn!):)

  6. I've always wondered why you do boot sales in Britain as opposed to the yard sales we do here? Convenience? Tradition? City regulation? Seems like you'd get more customers perhaps, since you have lots of sellers in one spot.

    Regarding the sun - you must follow my lead and wear an SPF 30 moisturizer every day of the year to keep your skin healthy and lovely!