Archie... Archie Andrews - where's your mind?

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I found out via 'Things I Want to Punch in the Face' that Archie, of Archie Comics fame, is proposing to Veronica in the next issue! A google search shows that people are NOT happy about his choice of bride. If you have ever read these comics, you would know why.

Regardless of the uproar Archie's choice has caused, this 'proposal' story line has been a marketing stroke of genius as it seems to have got people talking about Archie comics again - they just better make sure the whole thing was 'only a dream'!

I love Archie comics. I collected them as a child and won't let mum throw any out. I'm not really sure why I like them so much. They very rarely make me laugh out loud so maybe its their wholesome quality I find so appealing.

I always preferred the older stories, especially ones illustrated by Dan DeCarlo. I don't even like that Archie doesn't drive around in his old jalopy anymore. I understand it would be odd in this day and age for a teenager to have his own classic car but they could've at least let him drive around in the modern equivalent of an old banger.

Archie comics can be quite the time capsule as well. These images are all from 1970 issues of Betty and Veronica digests:

Flower Power

Free the feet

Talking 'bout my generation

The mini versus midi skirt must have been quite the dilemma as it was involved in a lot of stories and pin ups in 1970. It is easier to find examples of fashion rather than furniture but here are a couple of examples:

Love the furniture in this one

Gasp! Poking fun at my precious Mod!

jl.incrowd has uploaded a lot of examples from the 60s on to a flickr set which are worth a look and Comics Worth Reading has an interesting post on how they've attempted to modernise a pin up gag from 1965.

As for where I stand on Archie's choice of bride, I'm sure Betty would be better off without him. I never understood what Betty saw in him really and he always treated her like crap.


  1. Everyone knows you date a Veronica and marry a Betty. Everyone.

    Thanks doll,
    The Glamorous Housewife

  2. I've never read a whole Archie comic in my life, so thanks for a slight introduction. I hope it works out well for Archie, his bride and, well... you too, Moondoggie.

  3. Glamorous Housewife - so very true.

    JEM - Thanks for the words of support ;)