I've Just Seen A Face

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Don't get me wrong, I like The Beatles just fine, but as I have so many of their albums on itunes, whenever I shuffle (which is a lot) every second song seems to be a Beatles song - especially when I'm playing my 60s playlist.

To combat this I unselected their whole albums from my playlist and just left the 'best of' type tracks. It worked for 2 songs then played 3 Beatles songs in a row. Is this some kind of 'Beatles karmic' retribution?

One Beatles song I never seem to tire of is 'I've Just Seen a Face'. It has such a happy feel to it.

This fan video from YouTube uses scenes from their movie 'Help!' - if you've never seen it, its quite a trip (and rumoured to have inspired the creators of The Monkees - who I lurrve).

Watch out for the arc lamp in its natural habitat at the beginning...


  1. That takes me back! Many years ago, in the band my husband was in at the time, they played this song. I just loved it, and didn't even know it was a Beatles song (I'm quite undereducated in 60s-70s music because I was raised in a house full of classical and traditional folk).

    I, too, love the Monkees. In fact, Davy Jones was my first crush!

  2. I love Help! That is a great movie. Well... great, may be a stretch, but it's very good. Also, the Fab 4 were the best fake band ever. That is, until they started writing their own music. Not a great fan of that stuff.

  3. oooh I'm such a fan...feel good music!
    Happy Anniversary to you as well darling!

  4. I also like the Beatles. My favourite is "And I love her." Not sure if this is the tittle...thanks for your comments on my lentil soup ! I'll have to make a "Chicken and Noodles one" soon. It's me, Veronica. from my husband's profile !!!!

  5. Jem, I thought the Fab 4 was a term reserved exclusively for The Beatles?
    I'll have to dig up some Monkees stuff.
    I may also have to post about my visit to The Cavern in Liverpool one of these days.