We're all going on a...

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... summer holiday.

I returned late last night from my driving trip to Devon (& Somerset). Genealogy is a passion of mine so when I get the chance to visit the stomping grounds of my ancestors, I'm happy.

We had a lovely time in the gloriously scenic countryside, wandering through stunning caves and filling up on cream teas. That is, scones with jam and clotted cream, served with tea - a West Country specialty and absolutely scrumptious.

I didn't come across any thing particularly mid century though. The closest to it were the old caravans on the motorways. Now, I'm not a camping person at the best of times, but it does irk me when people profess to love camping but don't actually give up any modern conveniences. I thought the whole point was to forget hectic, modern life and relax by getting back to nature. At one point, we were driving behind some huge caravan/trailer which also appeared to have a satellite dish! Not really getting away from it all, is it?
Check out the steamy paperback cover I found on flickr (to the right) which I found while searching for vintage caravan pics -
Sin on Wheels: The uncensored confessions of a trailer camp tramp.

I love the look of vintage caravans but unfortunately a childhood of caravan living with a hole in the ground for a toilet, means I would prefer not to spend my holidays reliving the nightmares.

However, The Big Woo, over at Atomic Addiction has been on a bit of a vintage trailer mission lately. I certainly thought of them when I came across the site, Vintage Vacations. They have ten Airstreams that you can stay in to experience what a vintage vacation may have felt like on the Isle of Wight.

Although Airstreams are super cool, I think I'd prefer The Shack situated near the beach.

If this is your kind of thing, check them out - they have pics of all the interiors of the trailers too. But if I'm honest, I'd still REALLY prefer a luxury hotel.