So-fa Pricey

08:53:00 MoonDoggie 3 Comments

How much would you pay for a sofa?

I ask because as it is with most things, the sofas I really like are expensive. And I'm not talking about the 'super designer' brands that we mid century modern lovers covet.

Do you really get what you pay for? Or is it madness to shell out a lot of money for something that will most likely be spilled upon, marked, damaged (at least in my home) and inevitably replaced due to wear and tear.

Take some I've been looking at from Heal's. Heal's has some great looking stuff but it comes at a price. I am well aware that good design doesn't come cheap but £2500 - £3000 seems a tad excessive when dfs and other sofa/furniture shops very rarely exceed a £1000.

All available from Heal's


  1. Friend of mine got a build-it-yourself sofa from Nabru:

    Seems good value. I got some material samples from them and they seemed good too.

  2. Thanks Seaneeboy - I'd never heard of Nabru. Your friend's video was a nice touch ;)
    I'll have to check Nabru out a bit more.

  3. I have never had to buy one. I have found a few on the curb that I seriously disinfected and have been given a few by friends. Right now we are using a futon. I like it.