Happy Birthday Sesame Street!

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I've been a bit busy to post but just found out through twitter that Sesame Street turns 40 today and couldn't let it go by.

I am a BIG Sesame Street fan!

I've loved Sesame Street since I was a child and so have formed a few opinions along the way. Indulge me.

I'm glad Big Bird grew more feathers on his head - his first look was a bit offputting for me.

Big Bird: Then & Now

I remember when Mr Hooper died - my mum said it was handled very well by the show.

Mr Looper, I mean... Hooper

I don't think Mr Snuffleupagus should have ever have been seen by the adults - that was part of his charm.

Remember Snuffy's theme? You always knew he was coming.

My friend and I developed a theory that your favourite Sesame Street character reveals a lot about your personality. My favourite has always been Ernie and I do think we're quite similar. Who was yours?

The Irrepressible Ernie


  1. Ohhhh... MoonDoggie, you're killing me!

    I loved EVERYTHING about Sesame Street, so it's really hard for me to pick a favorite character! However, I guess I could say that Grover ALWAYS made me laugh. And I also REALLY wanted those Yip Yip Martians (who made funny "yip! yip!" sounds whenever the phone rang) to come visit my house!

    But, honestly, I did love them ALL. That show made me VERY happy! In fact, I have a lot of the shows from the early years on DVD. They're in a collection called Sesame Street: Old School, Volumes 1 & 2 that includes episodes from 1969 - 1979. You might want to look into it 'cuz it's grooVAY!

  2. I could see you as lovable Grover, Anthony... and you are cute too! (Gotta love Super Grover)

    And those martians - I particulary loved the 'oh huh' bit of their battle cry.

    I have heard of the DVD collection but have not yet come across it. I'm keeping my eyes peeled.

    Long live Sesame Street!