In the Presence of Presents

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I know I promised to blog about my birthday adventures but unfortunately I still haven't got any photos yet. I stupidly forgot my camera and am waiting for my fellow revellers to send me some pics. I thought I'd post some photos of some prezzies instead.

I got a funky liquid centred ring from the funky Octopus in Carnaby Street (Sorry no pic at this time). I then picked up this sweet memo pad designed by Shinzi Katoh at Lazy Oaf.

After a scrumptious dinner and a few cocktails at the Hard Rock Cafe, we headed to the Trader Vic's underneath the London Hilton (Will hopefully get some pics soon). My lovely cousin bought me this pair of salt and pepper shakers:

Dave and I shared a tiki bowl cocktail and I decided to buy the bowl to expand my budding tiki collection:

Throwing caution to the wind, I also thought, 'What the hell, it's my birthday' and also bought this Trader Vic's coconut mug:

My most unexpected present was David's new found interest in tiki since he found out how much alcohol is involved. He is now planning our home tiki bar (for when we actually get a home) and is keen on another trip to Trader Vic's or Mahiki soon.
Hooray for birthdays!

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  1. I love the tiki stuff and the salt and pepper shakers! My dad had a lot of tiki-type stuff in his office in the 60s (actually i think it was more archeological than tiki but it had a similar vice, if you know what I mean) - it was great fun! :)

    Glad you had a great birthday! I'm a Scorpio too, which is convenient as it is my favorite sign ;)