In Good Componibili

21:02:00 MoonDoggie 4 Comments

I have decided that I must have a 3 tier componibili in white.

Designed by Anna Castelli Ferrieri in the 60s, the componibili was produced by Kartell (my latest source of inspiration).

It's round; it's white and it stores things - these things appeal to me. Furthermore, it fits in with the decor in my current home as well as the plans for my future home.

Dave on the other hand thinks it's a lot to pay for 'a bit of plastic'. Sigh.

However, since he has told me I will probably never be able to have a puppy, I have demanded compensation in the form of designer furniture. I'm starting here.


  1. Dave said you'd NEVER have a puppy??!!
    Oh, NO he didn't, girl!

    If Dave is really going to hold you to that, then I say you definitely have license to shop! And if he gripes, just remind him that no piece of furniture would ever POOP on the floor or chew up his favorite shoes. Then, if that doesn't work, you reach up your sleeve and whip out, "Nothing I could ever buy would love me like a puppy..." But you really have to sell it! You know, with the sad eyes and a pouty bottom lip.

    If that doesn't work, Dave is a robot.

  2. Ha ha ha! Anthony got it right on! You stand your ground and get what you want!

  3. I've got one and they are gorgeous!

  4. My daughter has found a couple of Joe Colombo Boby carts at estate sales, which have similar swing-out storage compartments. The Componibili and the Boby are both so cool!