Blabbering Trees

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Since Anthony asked whether I had room for a Christmas tree, I thought I'd blog about that next.

Last year we had a real tree. I was so excited - it was my first real tree ever! Getting rid of it afterwards was not so fun.

This year I thought I'd like a vintage aluminium tree to complement my retro passions. After a fruitless search (there are LOADS in America though), I've started to consider a white tree. I've never really fancied white Christmas trees but my quest for an aluminium tree has turned me onto them as they have a similar look. PLUS it would really suit my winter wonderland theme.

I have a bit of space between the television and the fish tank - a perfect space for this tree I found from B & Q (I couldn't get a larger image to show here).

Click the image for a better look.

It's a predecorated and prelit popup tree which means if I fancy a more traditional tree in future, I could just whack this one out in another room. The 'popup' factor indicates that it might be quite easy to store. It also looks quite thin which I hope will keep the area from looking crowded. However, I don't think I'll be able to hang my pre-existing baubles on this tree which would be sad (more on them later).

This bauble wreath would also suit my theme but I'm undecided as yet. What do you think?

I think I'm gonna have to head off to my local B&Q this weekend for a closer look.

First image from apartment therapy.


  1. Okay.
    This is weird...
    Tommy and I have a white Christmas tree AND that exact same multi-colored bauble wreath shown in the picture! Strange, huh?

    I guess it's just another fine example of great minds thinking alike!

    Btw, I love how those colorful ornaments are arranged in little groupings around that white tree. Very pleasing!

  2. That is quite a coincidence Anthony.
    How's the bauble wreath working for ya?

    I think those ornaments look very effective too.

  3. We love the wreath! We use it on our front door. I think it makes our condo look the most festive, comparatively.

    The color combination makes me happy! So during the holidays, it's nice to come home at the end of the day and see it on my way in the door. :)

  4. I say if it's shiny and pretty colors, go for it! These are happy decorations, and we need all the happy feelings we can get at the holidays, don't you think?

    Anthony should do a post on their holiday decor, because their place always looks fabulous at Christmas!

    I've kind of been longing for a white or aluminum tree as of late. I've always had a traditional tree, but I'm getting envious of all the vintage and retro decor I see on various blogs.