Excitement at the Ebbo Household

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British Bobbies on Bicycles
(say it 5 times quickly)

I had just settled down to blog about something completely different tonight when Dave called out to me in a hushed kind of way.

He had been at his designated smoking position (the outside landing window), when he saw a group of young lads go in to one of our neighbour's back garden and were seemingly trying to break in (our windows overlook most of our neighbouring houses).

It didn't take long to realise this is exactly what they were doing so we quietly called the police while continuing to watch them. It seemed to go on for ages but eventually we saw the police arrive and go the wrong way (sigh). With a little help from us (I had seen which way they tried to escape from my vantage point and Dave went down to guide them) they managed to nab four of them.

Hmm, maybe I should become a crime fighter like the lovely Miss Masque seen here. I'll need some kind of costume...


  1. Good Job! Go get them Super Doggie!

  2. Hey, well done you!!

    BTW i've added your picture link to my blog, looks good ;) and i was wondering what mysterious cushion style you were after...? I like a challenge...

    Oh and i've also replied to your kids artwork question!

    Off xmas shopping in Sheffield now!

  3. Hey JEM - good to see you in blogland again :)

    Biba - thanks so much for adding my link :D It might be easier if I do a post about the cushion with pics to illustrate the kind of thing I'm after. It's basically a mod design with some red but as a fabric fussy person (like yourself), it needs to be just right. I'll be glad to have you on the case :)

    Off to check your reply.