Green With Envy

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I have just been browsing Ninainvorm's blog and was really drawn to this picture - specifically the green lightshade. I'm thinking it would look fabulous in my kitchen especially with some retro style green curtains.

I've been thinking of changing the kitchen curtains lately. They are a red, green and beige checked style (kind of looks like a Christmas tartan) that were here when I moved in. Obviously I don't plan on staying forever, (it's a rented property) and I figured I could take the new curtains with me but then I worry about whether they would fit my new place and so on. Therefore, I am stuck with curtains chosen by a stranger for the foreseeable future. I'll rethink this next year though when I'm bound to be rolling in money (*cough*).

In the meantime, does anyone know the name of this pendant lighting design? I'm pretty sure I've seen it knocking about the internet but now I'm looking I can't find a trace of it.


After a LOT of searching, the closest I've been able to come to the green pendant in the picture is this orange pendant found on etsy.

And this shade on ebay.

The search continues...

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  1. Oooh, cool lamp shades!! My hubs and I just bought our first house and are struggling with style.. on one hand we love traditional style, and already have a lot of furniture... on the other,we've found some awesome retro 50's and 60's decor... they don't go together AT ALL, so we just don't know what to do!

    Hope you find the perfect lamp and curtains!