Fire It Up

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From Shag's Pink Panther series
image source: Chronicle Books

Today was cold. So cold I longed for one of those groovy fireplaces you often see in Shag's artwork. It took me a while to find some good real life examples:

image source: retro renovation

image source: amy.arch on flickr

image source: unknown - please let me know if this photo belongs to you

Obviously bright orange or red are the colours for me. Add a cream shag rug and I'd be toasty warm... aaaah.
Apparently you can still get one brand new at Malm Fireplaces otherwise just keep an eye out on eBay/CraigsList type places.


  1. I simply MUST have one of these mod fireplaces one day too! I already have far too many ideas for my dream Scandinavian Modern cabin. The first home is just gorgeous, with those wood ceilings and Barcelona chairs.

  2. Oh, these are just so cool! I'd forgotten all about them, and seeing those great photos reminded me of the Peter Sellers movie, The Party. I love the high gloss red. Our fireplace might be minimal and modern (it was put in by the previous owners to sell the house) but we've got a 1950s diner-style kitchen table with a 'Coca-Cola red' gloss top. There's just something about glossy red that makes you happy!

  3. Cottage Cheese - A Scandinavian modern cabin sounds like a wonderful dream indeed.

    Denise - I've got that movie kicking about here somewhere, just waiting to be watched. I agree - glossy red certainly makes me happy. Your kitchen sounds brilliant. Got any pictures?

  4. That Black one looks like Darth Vader! I love the ones that hang from the ceiling by nothing but their pipes! So great!