Horsing Around

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I'm not usually a horse person.
Now, don't get me wrong, I love all animals but I was never one of those girls who dreamed of a owning a pony. This one caught my eye, however.
I came across an auction for this bronze mid century horse during one of my regular trawls through ebay.

Here is a similar set (I didn't even notice the pattern in the first one until I saw these):

The first one reminded me of the horse sculpture in the Brady Bunch at first, but a little research shows that it's actually nothing like it.

Here is a picture of the Brady horse as it appears in 'A Very Brady Sequel'.

And a shot of it in season one of the original television show:

(If you're wondering why Bobby is looking so dejected, he's been wrongly accused of taking Cindy's Kitty Karry-All. Aww Shucks!)
This horse also seems to have appeared in Bewitched and the 1958 film Bell, Book and Candle (See Harpie's Bizarre for more details).
Although the Brady horse has a definite kitsch factor, I much prefer the highly stylised bronze ones for that retro chic look. And the patterns etched into their skinny little figures give them that extra touch of grooviness.
Both of these are still available on eBay right now - click on the pictures for a link to each auction.

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  1. Those horses are so cool! I too prefer the ones up for auction over the Brady horse (although that one is cool too). Fantastic prop site, off to explore it further ;)

    P.S. Love your festive banner. Happy Holidays!