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I finally have my Componibili!

It looks so shiny and white. Now, I simply must have a lovely red Scandiphone to sit upon it.

The Scandiphone is a replica of the Ericofon designed in the 1950s. The original Ericofon had a rotary dial but introduced a push button version in 1967. The Scandiphone features push button dialling and works with modern BT lines.

They sell for around £35 but I've spotted them on amazon for about £30 - a bargain, really. I'm getting a tad fed up of the batteries going flat in our cordless phones so this groovy phone would be functional AND funky.


  1. Fantastic, I didn't know you could still get these! I'd feel like I was in an old episode of The Prisoner or something! :)

  2. Very cool, would I love one of those. So many colors to choose from.

  3. Those phones are so cool! I never knew what they were called before.

    I'm so excited for you that you got a Componibili! To quote your previous post (and this made me laugh my a** off): "Dave on the other hand thinks it's a lot to pay for 'a bit of plastic'. Sigh. However, since he has told me I will probably never be able to have a puppy, I have demanded compensation in the form of designer furniture." You know Dave, it might be cheaper just to get the puppy ;)

  4. I'm dying for an orange Scandiphone!