Cooking up a Bargain

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Today, I went to my first boot sale of the season. To be honest, it was a little disapointing but just as I had all but given up hope I found a few gems - all on the same stall.

These plates , made in Holland by Royal Sphinx, have the sweetest patterns. I particularly like the style of the birds and trees.

These two books aren't in fabulous condition but I love the cover designs - especially the cookery book.

The Illustrated Book of Magic Tricks by Will Dexter was published in 1957 and Perfect Cooking was published by Parkinson Cowan Appliances Limited in 1959. It appears to have been given upon purchase of one of their gas ovens which looked like this at that time.

The book has a few full page colour illustrations to go along with their 'entertaining tips';

as well as smaller artistic treats such as this seductive onion:

and these frolicking cloves of garlic(?):

I'm off now to sample one of the recipes contained within - Coconut Cake (sadly, I have to cook it first).

If you'd like to see more of the colour illustrations, I've uploaded them to my flickr stream.


  1. wow, you certainly have the recipe for choosing cool designy stuff. :)

  2. Fantastic finds! I envy your plates, and you know I love those mid-century cookbooks. Mmmm...coconut cake...

  3. Great finds!!! I love the covers of those cookbooks too, thanks for visiting my blog and leading me to yours, I love it!