Oh, Polly Q

16:39:00 MoonDoggie 5 Comments

Looking at polly q's home makes me happy.

And jealous.

Everything looks so cheerful and fun. I particularly love the cushions and the yellow ball pedestal clock.

This vintage coach poster (which hangs in her hallway) is also a treat:

It's the perfect picture to encapsulate the clear sunny day I'm experiencing in my slice of England today - except I'm not at Great Yarmouth, or anywhere near the seaside for that matter. Nor am I mending a fishing net... but it's sunny and bright and so is this poster.

See polly_q's flickr photostream here.


  1. Love the use of blue and purple... A wonderful combination. =)

  2. That is one Gt poster! Wonderfully 70s...

  3. I see what you did there, Lidian... and I like it :)

  4. I would love to live there. Wow. Love the lamp too and everything about these pictures!


  5. She has great taste. All of her collectibles and art have a happy feeling about them!