The Greg Brady Project

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Here it is folks - interior designer extraordinaire, Greg Brady revamps an ordinary den into a swinging bachelor pad! I thought all of us budding retro home decorators could take a few tips from his genius.

Crowd the entrance foyer with decorative features. How about an owl mobile mixed with an abstract mod one. Why not try two? If you don't have space to hang it, just tack it to the wall! And don't forget flowers - paper or plastic are best.

Don't bother with furniture - barrels or crates will do. Your single bed will look a whole lot more stylish as a mattress on the floor. Is that a hookah I see before me?

Drape as many different types of patterned fabric as you can find, over as many different surfaces as you can find. Cover your walls with art - mix but don't match!

Your new room may inspire you to cultivate a whole new look for yourself.

I tend to lean towards the Marcia and Jan related episodes but 'Our Son, The Man' has to be my favourite episode so far. This is the one where Greg feels he is now a man (now he's in high school) and is in need of his own personal space. He is allowed to turn Mike's den into a bedroom decorated in his own personal style.

And what a style! I do wonder if the actor who played Greg, Barry Williams, had any input on the decor. Being a teenager, he could've given a few suggestions on what an ideal teenage pad would look like. I'm almost scared to admit that there are actually quite a few elements of this room that I like!

By the way, you can check out what Barry's up to now on his blog, The Greg Brady Project.

I'll leave you now with some immortal words of style guru Greg Brady, "Kids, what do they know about life?"


  1. I really loved that episode, it was so different than the typical BB style.
    and I think that IS a hookah! Greg Brady was one groovy dude :)

  2. I had a striped pair of pants like those, only shades of blue and green. I remember having a lime shirt and a neck scarf that was really IT at the time. Hmm, gotta look for that 3rd grade pic of me, I still had hair then!

  3. Groovy Greg :) I love your Brady Bunch posts, keep 'em coming. I just mentioned BB in my post this morning because I got hit in the nose with a football yesterday, just like Marcia!

  4. Thanks for confirming, Leah - now I NEED a hookah too! :)

    Uncle Atom you really have to find that picture - I'd LOVE to see it.

    Aww Poor Cottage Cheese - it obviously happens to the best of em. I'm glad you asked me to keep the Brady posts coming because I'm obsessed and was a bit worried my dear readers might be 'Bradyed out'.

  5. Groovy post, man!

    You know, I'm pretty sure that Greg Brady was my very first crush. At least, as far as celebrities or people on TV go. There was a boy in my 2nd grade class that got my attention for a while... I can still remember his first name, and what he looked like! Funny how some little things just burn into your mind and never go away, huh? I mean, according to my calculations, that had to have been about 33 years ago! Yet, I can't even remember where I last left my glasses half of the time!

    (Wow, I got a bit carried away. Sorry! This isn't about ME, I should save that sorta stuff for my own blog.)

    Anyway, 'Brady Bunch' is the bomb! I never tire of watching it, much like 'I Love Lucy'. And this particular episode is certainly one of my faves!

    One last thing, though. About that hookah... My gut instinct is telling me that it must just be something that kinda looks like one, because I find it hard to believe that Carol & Mike would allow that. Greg SMOKING a hookah?! I seriously DON'T think so. You can just imagine the lecture Mr. Brady would give on that subject! ;)