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Right... I've now completed season 2 of The Brady Bunch. This season originally aired from September 1970 to March 1971 so it still has some style hangover from the sixties (nice kind of hangover to have, I reckon). It also has some quintessential Brady moments which I've always wanted to see.

You see, I'm basically a Brady Bunch virgin. I caught a few episodes when they showed reruns in the 90s but could only manage to do so when no one else was around. Nobody else in my family found the trip into retro suburbia as intriguing as I did. Even my mother wasn't a fan - although I think I recall her expressing a liking for Eve Plumb. Yes, it's cheesy and more than a bit lame but that's why I'm loving it.

Highlights so far:

  • Jan's wig.

  • The cute dresses (especially the green ones).

  • The name of Greg's band of choice - Three Baboons and Elsie.

  • Greg's band's name - The Banana Convention.

  • Greg's review of his band's performance - "It was kind of a kicky blast. The guys really got it together and wailed and bent the gig out of shape".
  • Marcia's reassuring words to her insecure little sister (whilst brushing her hair, of course) - "Jan, if boys don't find you attractive, don't blame it on me".
  • Greg's random bit of fluff (aka Randy) on his dream of becoming an architect - "Architects are outtasight".
  • The entire episode of 'Our Son, the Man' where Greg makes Dad's den his own - his sense of style is flawless.

  • Marcia's review of her mother's magazine article - "It's all so sweet and goody goody... we're always helping each other and happy and smiling".

You can read some of my thoughts on the first series here but I'm working on a special treat for everyone...

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  1. "The Banana Convention", really? That is too funny...

    I have only seen a few BB episodes since I watched it as a kid. I have much greater appreciation for it now. Stylish cheesiness, just the way I like it!