Inspiring Ingela

18:08:00 MoonDoggie 4 Comments

A post on How About Orange sent me to Ingela P Arrhenius' site and I was mighty glad I stopped by. Ingela is a retro inspired illustrator based in Stockholm and her work is fabulous. This is a chocolate box she designed:

Ingela also paints characters on to wooden blocks. I think her Beatles blocks are quite true to life.

She is extremely talented and her blog is just one glorious image after another. These nesting dolls she designed will be out for sale soon.

I've always had a thing for nesting dolls and have been waiting until I eventually visit Russia to get an authentic set of Russian dolls. I don't think I'll be to resist these little darlings though - LOVE THEM.


  1. Cute. I like the style of graphics you like lol...

  2. I love those nesting dolls. I think someone in my family had them growing up. I loved playing with 'em.

  3. The beatles nesting dolls are sooo cool.