Fings Wot I Like - Part 2

12:19:00 MoonDoggie 2 Comments

This edition of 'Fings Wot I Like' features things from 'H is for Home'.

I've included a lot of textiles in this as I find decent groovy vintage fabric hard to find these days. You might recognise the mod green curtains pattern as my twitter background - let's just say it inspired me. I'd have those curtains in a heartbeat if my husband wasn't such a meanie.
All these things can be bought from H is for Home's online shop and you can see even more cool stuff on their flickr photostream.


  1. MoonDoggie, I see this kind of 1970's stuff for sale on eBay all the time, for cheap lol~~

    Or so similar it's just about the same thing...

  2. No need to make me jealous, atomic. The good stuff isn't so easy to come across here in England.