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Hooray! The Great Ebbo is painting again!

After Dave started full time work again, he didn't really have much time to paint. Then when he finally felt inspired enough (my words), he had hand injuries (both hands!). So for a long time, this unfinished painting has stared at me from the easel in the living room:

I actually quite liked the ghostly quality it had with the outlined cat perched on top of a butte (I looked it up!).

This weekend, he finally got the paints out again and finished 'Pride'.

Not particularly retro or tiki in anyway but I'm so happy he's painting again I had to post.
I am so proud of my talented husband.
You can see more of his art on artbreak or have a look in my (much neglected) etsy shop (am slowly adding things again).


  1. wow, that's awesome! i dated a man who painted. something soooo very sexy about it, right?