Boot Sale Booty

14:13:00 MoonDoggie 4 Comments

The tiki gods smiled upon me today, my friends. After co-ercing David into another boot sale so soon after last weekend's, I found this Orchids of Hawaii tiki mug on the first stall I came to:

Tiki stuff is not easy to come by in England, so imagine my surprise when I found this Coco Joe's hula girl figure on the same stall:

It says HW2 on the bottom but I'm trying to figure out exactly how old it is. Soon, I came across a lovely couple who seemed to be boot sale fanatics. We spoke about the tendency to buy things and then wonder what to do with them when you get home. Despite this conversation, I bought a box of 8mm movie title joins from them. They let me have it for 10p:

The illustration is adorable and I love the brand logo in the top left corner. This is how I expect Switzerland to look when I finally visit. My final purchase was this Spear's MultiPuzzle game from the 1960s:

A bargain at 50p and I know some kids who will enjoy this game a lot.

That may have been MY final purchase, but I'm happy to say that Dave actually bought something this time. As I was buying my game, he found these vintage field glasses:

They seem to be made of brass and we have no idea how old they are but they work really well. The tiki stuff was my highlight though and I would've been happy if I'd found nothing else.


  1. Ahhh always wonderful and exciting to find the very things we are looking for!

  2. Boy I love Tiki! It is plentiful here in California, but not always so cheap! Good job!

  3. Tiki me happy. I think the world needs more of that type of decor.