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I've been obsessing over fondue for some time now.  I'm desperate to find a really funky, and of course, vintage fondue pot so I can throw a fondue party.  Here are some groovy ones:

via etsy tawnillia
via etsy - CrankHeartPony


I think my current favourite is the bottom yellow one.  It's the same pattern as one of the green ones but I think it really 'pops' on yellow. 

For true authenticity, I would have to use a vintage recipe, of course. I did think I only had to whack in a lump of cheese and melt that baby down but apparently you should add things to it. This makes sense otherwise I'd have been better off sticking with cheese on toast.
Laura from Plaid Pony Vintage posted some 1966 fondue recipes on her blog from the 'Better Homes and Gardens Cooking with Cheese' cookbook.  As good a place to start as any, I reckon.  Now, if only I could find the right pot...


  1. Cool!

    It's so funny MoonDoggie, as kids my friends and I thought these were the dumbest things! (You know how it is when you are a kid lol).

    I remember being at someone's house and they had a fondue pot where you cooked your own bite of meat in the bubbling hot oil. I guess they weren't all cheese dips? And warm chocolate dips were fun. Did that once at another friends house.

    Now I think they are really cool.

    Why didn't I pick one up when you could get them by the dozens back in the 90's? grrr lol...

  2. Those are some fabulous examples! I like the white and orange one the best. I have only one that belonged to my in-laws. I've never used it, but I don't believe I have the heart to part with it, either!

  3. Once again secretly hating you for making me want things I do not own. Not to mention, we have a brand new fondue kit from our wedding shower two years go but it's NOTHING like the cool ones you've got going on here :( because let's be realistic, relatives do not want to see a registry made up of vintage awesomeness and etsy links :(

    I think my friend has one of these, but I forget which one. Argg, your blog is like one big Christmas list of things I'll never get to own. Hope you know I honestly do love you and the blog and that I'm just trying to make you feel guilty! :)

  4. hi moondoggie! thanks for stopping by! your blog looks great and i'm adding it to my reader and blogroll.

    mmmmm fondue!!!

  5. They're all great, but I think my favorite is the second from the bottom.

  6. These fondue pots are simply lovely! It's nice to know that I'm not the only one obsessing about fondue, lol! I have 5 fondue pots at home, 3 of them comes complete in a set. Whichever fondue pot will I be using will depend on what my theme or motif was for the evening. I don't just love throwing fondue dinners, I love it complete with table setting and all!

  7. Hi ! I can' believe it , I have the one on your second picture ! Got it from etsy last year . I love the flowers on your 3rd pic ! Oh I love la fondue!

  8. Thanks for ALL your comments - I love getting them!

    Fondue - I'd love to see pictures of your fondue table settings.

    1950s Atomic - The meat thing was new to me too Not sure if I like the idea of dipping stuff in oil though

    Blue home - Not Fair!

    Oh and Ally, of course you love me - I'm utterly brilliant and fabulous :D

  9. Are we on the same blogging wavelength or what? Freaky. cool pots.

  10. MoonDoggie, must have been an electric one? I do remember burning my mouth on the first bite, so, not a good idea lol...

  11. oooh I have a fondue pot, it's just like the top one