Bin There, Done That

11:26:00 MoonDoggie 2 Comments

I like the look of these recycling bins:

Originally seen on Retro To Go, I managed to find them a bit cheaper via Kitchen Critic at Cheaper but still pricey. I'm not really sure if the compartments would be big enough for me but there's the perfect spot for it in my kitchen.  I am so sick of our rubbish taking up what little space we have.

My other choice would be the Ovetto Recycling Bin which looks a little bit like R2D2 without his makeup on:

I'm kinda leaning towards the Ovetto because of it's funky look but like that the first one seems like it would take up less floor space.


  1. Dear MoonDoggie,
    Please stop posting pictures of things I really wish I could have. JK :) You should rename this blog to "Things We Really, Really Want" :)

  2. Ha ha - I did a post recently about living minimally and not wanting to buy stuff all the time. I've decided to think of this blog as therapy - I can blog about things instead of buying them :)