Touching Base

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While driving home tonight, I was listening to Radio 2.  Scott Mills' had a band called 'The Baseballs' with him in the studio.  The Baseballs are a German band who do covers of current pop songs but in a rock 'n' roll style. 

They seemed like sweet guys and their music was good fun.  You can watch their new video, Umbrella (made famous by Rihanna) below, but I think I prefer their version of Katy Perry's Hot 'n' Cold

You can find out more about the band on their website.


  1. bummer the video is removed. why do bands cover songs that are less than like 5 yrs old or whatever. i always find that kinda weird.

  2. Ally, sometimes I wonder about that, too. I think of covering as something you do with older songs and then when it's a new song I feel old! Then again I did hear a really weird version of Britney Spears' Hit Me Baby by some kind of emo-ish alt band back when she was first big and it was...surreal.

  3. Shame it was removed but you can still find it if you search for it on youtube.

    I agree with both of you but I find this kind of cover more like comedy. I don't seem to mind modern songs done in completely different styles (like Richard Cheese and Frank Bennett) but I usually dislike recent covers. Mark Ronson doing Valerie frustrated me no end since the song had only been out a few months.