He's So Heavy

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George Harrison
source unknown

MidCenturyMadam posted on her blog a couple of days ago about going to a Paul McCartney concert and included a picture of Paul looking quite scrummy.

To be honest, I never really thought any of the Beatles were particularly good looking and wondered if I would've been so hot and bothered had I been around for Beatlesmania.  That was until I came across the above picture of George Harrison.  Something about it seems very hot to me.

Paul looking cute on Mid Century Madness, reminded me the pic was lurking about on my hard drive somewhere and so I thought I'd share it with you.

Paul McCartney


  1. I'll never admit to what I was doing once while listening to "Maybe I'm Amazed" ;)

    Oh but it wasn't with him lolol....

  2. "Scrummy" Indeed! As an American I'm not familiar with that word but I get the gist...sounds like scrumdiddlyuptious to me! Yeah that 1st pic is pretty hot. I have never seen it before. I can see why teenage girls went bonkers for em!

  3. During their various stages & phases & ages, I find all 4 Beatles to be Scrummy approx. 94% of the time. I'm partial to John Lennon, though...yum.

  4. George is my favorite, and very hot there, indeed! I have a book that includes photos taken of them while filming the movie "Help", and my favorite shot of George is of him wearing jeans and a casual shirt and pursing a cigarette up to his lips.

  5. Incredible they had such talent at such a young age.

  6. scrummy about Paul....nah I rather fancied George :-)