A Single House

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In my last post on the movie, A Single Man, I showed you a screen shot of the main character's marvelous mid century modern home.  Well, the house is not just a set, it exists! This Lautner designed home, only 15 minutes from downtown LA was up for sale not so long ago too.  You can see some clearer shots (in and out) on HUH.

But wait... there's more!  The cool university buildings which I was unable to get a good screen shot of are what was formerly known as Ambassador College in Pasadena:



  1. Very, very cool! And that movie will be arriving in the next day or two, so I can watch it.

    And these places are local-ish to me, so that's cool too! =D

  2. Wow! I've had this movie on my Netflix queue forever, but it's still has a "long wait". Did Netflix only order 2 copies of this movie for the entire U.S.? Ok, must see this movie as soon as possible, a trip to the video store may be in order...