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The movie, A Single Man starring Colin Firth and Julianne Moore may not be to everyone's taste but the sets are definitely to mine. 

Just look at the house the main character lives in:
His bedroom:
A better look at the cool wall art (looks 3D to me):
Part of the living room (stylish chairs... check; fireplace... check):

Firth's character is a university professor.  Naturally the university buildings need to look as stylish as him:
As does his office:
Dig the workplace wall art:

When you're this cool, a stylish best friend is also a necessity:
A house without an internal orange grove should be considered incomplete:
Look closer... those cigarettes are pink

Almost makes me want to take up smoking (the power of movie imagery at work, people).

Of course, the rest of his world is stylish too...
from a trip to the bank:
to a stop at the convenience store:

The story itself isn't exactly fast paced (it's not meant to be) but if the sets appeal to you, maybe the movie will too.

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  1. Added it to my netflix queue and will be watching it very soon!