Tea Party

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Modish Vintage inspired this post today when she said that tea would taste better in a vintage teapot.

I am very attracted to vintage tea pots of the mid century and mod persuasion, of course, but I have to hold myself back from buying them as I'm not sure I'd ever actually use them.

I love the idea of serving tea from a bonafide tea pot.  I currently own two but I have no idea how to make tea in them.  Well, I suppose I do have an idea but the pots seem quite large and I don't know what ratio of tea bag to water should be used.

My tea pots - Staffordshire Kiln Potteries and Hornsea

I even bought matching plates and cups for the first pot, when I stumbled across them at a boot sale which have so far remained unused.  

Look at these colourful beauties found on flickr:

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  1. Oh I love this post! :D I drink tea everyday but I love at parties at my aunts house when she pulls out the tea pot cause I always serve everyone for her :) I wish I had a cool tea pot. Great post!

    happy saturday

  2. Thanks :)
    I just realised something - all the spouts are pointing in the same direction. Maybe because most people are right handed its easier to put them down that way.

  3. They are all soooo lovely! I was recently given a Jessie Tait coffee pot and it is beautiful!

  4. Lovely, lovely teapots. I wish I could collect them, but alas no room for display.