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Another reason to be jealous of Californians - they can visit the Shag store

Shag art oozes coolness - I even love the store logo (moondoggie colours - no less). 
I'm not sure how this painting escaped my attention:

It is based on the 1968 Peter Sellers movie, The Party which I posted about in April (see here for some comparison screen shots).

I also quite like the London flavour of this piece (note the buildings in the background), which was created for the London Luau in 2007.

Whatever happened to the London Luau? I so want to go.

You can see some more of Shag's work at


  1. Ohhh I wish you come come out here, and we could go to Palm Springs to check it out! It's not terribly far from me.

    And Palm Springs has all sorts of awesome mid-century, retro and Googie style homes and such. You love it!

  2. Oops, I mean "YOU'D love it" lol typo care of moi *blush*

  3. That is cool. It looks like it's trapped somewhere between art and animation.

  4. I never knew! I've watched that movie and remember seeing this piece of artwork, but I didn't know about the connection.

  5. I sooo KNEW that HAD to be the house from 'The Party' as soon as I saw it! Do I get a GOLD STAR, or some sort of extra credit? ;)

    Man, I wish we could sit down and watch that movie together...

  6. Oh wow, yet again bringing on the coolness little Moondoggie :) I think I need to rent that Peter Sellers movie!

  7. Wow - feeling the love for Shag.
    One day, 1950s and Anthony, one day...