A Very Brady Supermarket

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It's been a while since my last Brady Bunch post.  Unfortunately, I've been a little too busy to finish watching season 3 but thought I'd share something I found interesting from one of the episodes I've seen so far. 

'And Now, a Word From Our Sponsor' was one of the few episodes filmed partly on location.  The Bradys were spotted leaving the supermarket by some strange post-beatnik television director.  He stalks them across the carpark and offers them the opportunity to star in a laundry detergent commercial because they really are "the whole ball of wax".

A comment on YouTube pointed out that this market, then known as Mayfair, is still around now as Gelson's.

If you google 5877 Franklin Avenue (and move the camera around a bit) you will get this view:

And if you check across the street, the mini mall you can see in the background is still there too (only now obscured a bit by trees):

Apparently 'updating' markets means making them look as boring as possible:

I much prefer the 1971-72 version of the building AND carpark. Get a load of the cars!
If in the vicinity, how could any Brady fan resist shopping where the Bradys got their groceries? 
Let me know if you ever pay it a visit.

You can watch this episode on YouTube.


  1. Where is the market? Is it in California? I think there is a Gelson's in Santa Barbara. Good detective work! I much prefer the original version too.

  2. I'm just discovering your Brady Bunch posts. I was a huge fan of this show when I was a kid. That house! That kitchen! 6 kids sharing a bathroom! it was all kinds of fascinating to me.
    So great that you are discovering it for the first time.