Come to Mama!

20:47:00 MoonDoggie 6 Comments

Yay! After months of bidding against people with deep pockets, I finally 'won' something on eBay.
If you follow my blog you may know that I've been after one of these elephant money banks for a while (see my post: Elephant-itis).

Well, now I'm going to have not just one, but three! (and for a very reasonable price)

They're sure to be tired after their journey from Germany, but I'll try to take some photos of the new babies after they've settled in.


  1. Those are cool! Are they plastic?

  2. Congrats! Hope they have a safe & quicky journey :)

  3. I use to have an elephant money box in the 70's when I was growing up but it was pottery :-)

  4. Amber - yes they are.

    I hope they're in good condition - listing said to look at pictures for details but they weren't very 'detailed'.