Wall to Wall

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Tired of the slim pickings here in the UK, I took a walk on the wild side and checked out some US ebay listings.  I'm loving these wall sculptures:

To find them just do a search for wall sculpture. 


  1. Been watching these "Jere" "Brutalist" sculptures selling for way more than I think they are worth over the past couple years.

    Have seen the auction for the first one as well. Not bad. I like that one.

    But... The one's made from old horse shoe nails like in the two last photos? You couldn't give those away when they were created back around 1970-1980.

    Hope I'm not stepping on any toes, but I always find it interesting that the things that were not popular back in the day, become popular today.

    And I mean this kind of thing. Not an atomic lamp or starburst wall clock, but something people used to turn their noses up at lol...

  2. No toes stepped on - the ones you mention weren't my favourites either.
    It's the overall look of the wall sculputre I like when I envision them on a mid century wall. I don't think any of them would look right in my current home and I'm not sure if I'd buy any of the ones pictured even if I had a mid century home but they kind of transport me to another time when I look at them and that's what I love.

  3. Geez, I did kind of sound negative lol wasn't my intent at all!

    I love looking at soooo many things on eBay, and sometimes things remind me, of when I was a kid and used to think some of this stuff was dumb. Boy was I a dumb kid!

    But I also remember a time when a lot of this stuff wasn't considered "collectable". I suppose as I get older, I have to start doing the "I remember when" posts. Don't smirk, it will happen to you too. ;)

  4. Yes -I've always thought of you as a hive of negativity ;)
    Funnily enough - I already have a bit of "I remember one..." in me. The most recent being the style of English housing from the sixties. It wasn't so long ago I thought 'yuk' but now I recognise its own charm (although I still much prefer American style mid modern homes).

  5. I love the first one...guess I should find some space in the house for it

  6. Yes, those wall hangings are just plain incredible! Someone's got a good eye...keep it up!