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A few weeks ago, Atomic Living posted about the modernist house seen in the 1959 Alfred Hitchcock movie, North by Northwest.  I had never seen the movie but had to after seeing this image.

The house is amazing and if it actually existed would be a great feat of modern architecture.  That's right, it was constructed purely for the movie (deliberately based on Frank Lloyd Wright designs).

Here is a shot of the other side:

Another exterior shot (note the mirror on the left of the picture inside the house):

The interior is just as cool:

In a way, I'm glad this house doesn't exist - If I can't have it, no one will.


  1. Think I'll go directly to Netflix and order up some MCM goodness. I hope it's not too scary!

  2. New here. I think I will learn a lot about vintage stuff from you. I've been collecting for years and have a basement full of 'stuff' room upstairs!
    Looking forward to your blogs.

  3. It's ok, Midcenturymadam. I didn't find it scary it all.

    Welcome aboard Jabacue - thanks for the compliment but you sound like you might know a bit about vintage already with all that stuff ;)

  4. I too had an Hitchcock cravings the other night! Watched Frenzy and Shadow of a doubt! Good times!

  5. I am a bit late in finding your blog so I am past commenting! I love that movie AND that house. The "lodge" they go to at one point is pretty spiffy, too, as is the train! I thought it was a real house! Like you, sort of glad to find out it's a set, cause now I will stop trying to figure out which FLW house it is!! LOL